Venture Building

We're building global ethical tech companies of the future

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The Collective is a group of entities that intersect to create unique outcomes


Tech focused venture building and holdings in creative, education, & privacy


Moonshot deep dives into the future of technology in the best interests of humanity


Experimental projects that explore what-ifs and why-nots in tech and in the arts


Giving back initiatives focused on child education, and endangered animals

Solving big problems in unconventional ways

A mission driven approach

Our thinking

We are a diverse distributed team. We deploy capital and operational excellence into great ideas and experiments; turning them into companies that will define the future. Our definition of capital goes beyond funds; we value human, intellectual, & creative capital. We believe that money should be a catalyst and not the destination, and that technology should be just another tool that assists humanity without controlling humans.

Investment notes

We are not a VC fund, we are a holding company, our deal structures are different from your typical tech fund. We don't invest for exists, we deploy permanent capital; investing to grow that asset class over several decades. We rarely invest in external startups. We mostly build companies internally, from the ground up.